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Welcome at I DO Weddings and Events - Passionated Wedding Planner located in Belgium.

You have the perfect image of your wedding in mind, but how will you plan it,  and how will it be realised the day itsself ...

You have a specific style in mind but are unable to find the suitable decorations and rentals ...

As the perfect DIY bride, you have arranged for everything, but who will coordinate the wedding ... 

You want to plan everything yourself but would like to have some additional coaching, someone to contact with all your questions, someone to arrange your thoughts and make decisions ...

YES FINALLY ENGAGED ... but no time (at all) to plan everything ...

Do one or more of the above  items sound like music to your ears? Then I DO Weddings and Events, passionated Belgian wedding planner by the name of Anke Usewils,  may be your perfect partner! Our services include:Wedding Planning

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